Summarize videos with ChatGPT

YoutubeDigest is a browser extension that uses ChatGPT AI to summarize YouTube videos. Choose from various summary formats and export as PDF, DOCX or text.


YoutubeDigest mission to help you save time and get the most out of your Youtube experience. We do this by providing you with a summary of the video you are watching and providing the tools and features to customize that summary.

Summarize video into multiple formats.

YoutubeDigest provides you with a summary of the video you are watching. You can choose from various summary formats like Article, Bullet Points, and more.

Translate to multiple languages

You can choose from a variety of languages to translate your summary into, or you can add your own language.

Export and Share summaries

You can export your summary to a markdown PDF, Docx, text file or you can create a sharable link.

Download the extension

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you have any other questions you’d like answered please feel free to email us.

Do I need a chatgpt account to run this extension ?

Yes, the extension requires that the user has a chatGPT account in order for it to work.

Does it only work for youtube ?

That is correct, but we plan extend that. If you have any requests, please add it in the support tab.

Can it translate the transcript to a different language ?

Yes, the extension can summarize in a lot of languages and you can add a language yourself if it's not in the list